Click on the dropdown items from the menu tab "About AES" to see a video giving an overview of how we accomplish integrated education with our visually impaired & sighted students. 

On June 1st we celebrated the graduation of our students from Kindergarten 2. These students will move up into 1st grade in the fall. It was a wonderful ceremony, complete with songs, dances and drama performances. 

We were honored to have Her Highness Princess Rym Ali and The Rt. Rev. Bishop Suheil Dawani join us for the celebration. 

The school year is coming to an end here at AES. Currently, along with preparing for final exams, we're preparing for the Kindergarten II graduation ceremony. This special ceremony will honor the students as they move up to the 1st grade this coming fall and will include special performances by students from every level of the school. We are honored to have Her Royal Highness Princess Rym, The Rt. Revd Bishop Suheil S.

Easter season is always a busy one for us here at the school, filled with both spring activities and celebrations of Jesus Christ's glorious resurrection from the dead. We held a few Easter egg hunts and each class was able to dye Easter eggs. 

Each semester, the school recognizes the top students from each class. As an incentive to work hard we invite the top students, along with their parents, to enjoy a celebration dinner together. Along with dinner, the evening was filled with fun games and an award ceremony. Congrats to every hardworking student!  

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