We are happy that for the second semester we got a third volunteer for our school.  Franziska from Germany came to us at the beginning of February and will stay until july.

Until now the blind and low vision kids had to wait while the rest of their class had French lesson, because we don't have a French-Braille-Teacher. But now they have the possibility to be active outside and get more specific attention in playing at this time.  

After a restful winter break our students and teachers have had a great time kicking off the spring semester.  Our Kindergartener's enjoyed a fun filled field trip to a local tailor's shop.  They learned about how clothes are made.  In art class our students had a blast making masks!  The first through fourth graders enjoyed a special assembly where they played lots of sports games.  We are all looking forward to the spring semester. 



We enjoyed celebrating Christmas at Arab Episcopal School.  The students were very excited when Santa came to visit.  Our talented Kindergartener's performed the Christmas story for friends and family.  Our older students also sang many festive carol's at the Christmas celebration.  We also hosted a Christmas Bazaar.  Local craftsmen and artisans sold goods.  We also featured our student's recycled handicrafts made in art class.  In addition, we showcased some of the unique tactile learning materials made by our very own teachers. 

We just celebrated our 10th year at Arab Episcopal School. On November 13th, 2003 we enrolled our first blind student.  Now we are in our tenth school year, and we've grown so much!  We celebrated with a big party and performance, attended by honorable guests.  Such as the Governer of Irbid!

Once again, everyone at Arab Episcopal School, is excited to be back at school for another year.  Students have enjoyed special events to get back in the school spirit.  This year, we have 200 students total, 41 of which are blind or low vision.  Each day begins with some exercise in the schoolyard, to warm up body and mind.   The second grade students enjoy sharing food and eating outside in the sunshine.  In art class, students recycled old bottles to make beautiful candleho

On May 31 our Kindergarten Two class graduated! To celebrate we had performances from our students and our choir. The event was patroned by the Canadian Ambassador, His Excellency Mark Gwozdecky, and the Bishop Suheil Dawani. Here are some pictures and videos from the Event: 

Kindergarten Class 2 singing "It's a Beautiful Day"

It's been a busy spring at our school! 

Our school officially has a facebook page. Feel free to look for more pictures and stories of our life here at the school: www.facebook.com/arabepiscopalschool

On March 7, 2012 the Right Reverend Bishop Suheil Dawani came from Jerusalem to see and bless our newly completed third floor.

Check out our new section: "What's new at the school". It's under the 'About AES' tab on the top menu.

Here we will put updates about the current building projects at the school. 

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