The Arab Episcopal School - Irbid

Have you heard of our school?
Some say no, some say what about it!
Some say yes - but what is there in it!
Come and see what our school is.
It's not the school unifrom that surprises you,
It's not the hall that astonishes you,
It's not the new building that inspires you,
It's not the furniture that attracts you,
It's not the playground that motivates you,
It's the students in the school that admires you,
It's the teachers in the school that enchants you,
You see in every class here and there,
Blind, low vision and sighted too.
All are being taught at the same time,
A sighted teacher teaching the sighted,
A blind teacher teaching the blind,
Miss Nadia teaching the sighted Arabic,
Miss Randa teaching Braille for the blind,
Come and see how pupils are taught,
Blind and sighted together taught,
This is what they call Integration.
Oh! When they go out for play...
With Anna and Mareike playing with them,
The sighted holding the hands of the blind,
Together they chat, together they play,
Together they laugh, together they dance,
Together they sing, together they walk back
Again to their classes happy and joyful,
You never see this in other schools,
Pupils are full of activity and awareness,
Ready to comprehend what their teachers say,
May God bless our students,
May God bless our Staff,
God bless our school too,
Now - do you know what our school is???


By: Jameel Y. Haddad
"Board Member"
September 12th, 2006