Since AES opened its doors in 2003, we have been blessed by volunteers who have come from all over the world to work alongside us, assisting us in teaching and administrative duties.

. Over the past years, our volunteers have been a big part of our work here. Having volunteers come work at our school give not only the volunteer, but also our staff and students the possibility to interact and learn from those who come from a different cultural background. Our volunteers have the incredible opportunity to be immersed in the Arabic language and, through host family and community relationships, they are able to discover in daily living the similarities and differences between cultures. 

Currently, our volunteers have come from Canada, Germany, the United States of America and Jordan. We hope in the future to continue to build bridges between these countries, as well as having volunteers hail from other countries.

We work with potential volunteers to make the best match between our needs and their gifts, abilities, and passions. In the past, volunteers from North America have typically helped with English classes and our German volunteers have assisted in our kindergarten program. All volunteers have help tremendously in administrative duties, enabling us at the school to continue our partnerships with both German and English speaking donors. There is also room for volunteers to work in art, music, gym, and other after-school programs.

Our volunteers have come from various lengths of time, from three months to one year. If you are interested in volunteering, please email us. We would love to hear what you would like to do and discuss the different possibilities. Even if you have limited experience working with students, specifically with visually impaired students, you would still love to hear from you. We are willing to guide you in your work here. Through your willingness to serve, you will greatly influence our student's lives. We are so blessed through our volunteers, and our school would not be the same without them!