During a first aid course, fourth grade students learned how to provide first aid in emergency situations.

In a math competition, the students from third class tested their skills playfully. In this connection they had a lot of fun.

Between the two semesters, the kindergarten and elementary school students completed work at home. To celebrate their efforts and dedication, the students received a gift when their work was returned to them.

Together with the students, colourful flowers were planted in old tires to enrich the school grounds. We are happy to brighten up the school with these beautiful spring colours.

The teachers at AES are dedicated to their students. Always finding creative and fun ways of teaching to keep the students engaged. It is a blessing to have so many smart and wonderful teachers the school.

One of the classes posing with a crafts they made in class.


To celebrate Mother's Day, AES hosted a party to honor all mothers. The grades 1-6 perfrmed different dances, songs, and theatre pieces. It was a lovely day spent celebrating mothers everywhere with AES' families.

Students performing for the Mother's Day celebration at AES

Blind students

We would like to congratulate all  the students after passing their exams and finishing the school year. We wish them the best for their future!Finally, we wish you a relaxing summer and God's blessing!


In the middle of May we celebrated the graduation of the 10th grade and the kindergarten in the AES. The students have received their certificates and can successfully start in the new school year after the summer break.Also prince Mir'ed Ibn Ra'ed attended the graduation.


The upper classes went to a climbing park. They all had lots of fun spending time together outside. It was an amazing time to strenghten the class community!


We officially founded the sponsoring association for the AES in Germany. This was an important and successful step for our school. We thank all the supporters of the new association for the support of the inclusion of blind and partially sighted children in the north of Jordan.

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