O GOD Grant Us Peace

O GOD Grant Us Peace

Had I the will and the strength of God Almighty.
             (Which I will never have)
I'd have chosen peace for all humanity.
But do humans really deserve it?

For in peace the words of love are spoken
For in peace the days are sweet and calm,
For in peace all humans live comfortably,
With no pain, no grief, no anxiety or worry,
With no destruction, no fear of terrorism,
But happiness, quietness and serenity.

For peace is heavenly, pleasing and delightful,
For peace has no weapons except love,
For peace reflects happiness on people's lives,
We hope that peace would come one day;
May GOD on high grant us peace,
For it is He who grants peace.

What can preserve our life well, but peace.
In which we find stability and achievement;
In which we find progress and development too;
So, if it were not for peace,
Life would be dreadful and gloomy.

Oh GOD! Grant us peace,
Grant us peace.



By: Jameel Y. Haddad
"Board Member"