No more useless waiting while french lesson...

We are happy that for the second semester we got a third volunteer for our school.  Franziska from Germany came to us at the beginning of February and will stay until july.

Until now the blind and low vision kids had to wait while the rest of their class had French lesson, because we don't have a French-Braille-Teacher. But now they have the possibility to be active outside and get more specific attention in playing at this time.  

Sport is very important, especially for the blind kids, because they don't get enough exercise at home. There are many reasons for this like due to lack of time (blind kids need more help), lack of material (what you can not see, you schould be able to hear) or just because the parents are to scared of injuries.

We have not many sport material for the blind and low vision students, too. That's why we are glad about any help, such as information how to get material, donations in kind or instructions for remodeling/self-creating equipment.