Ms. Dawlat- 1st Grade

Ms. Huda- 2nd Grade

Ms. Imtinan- 3rd Grade

Ms. Nadia- 4th Grade & 4th-5th Grade Islamic Religion

Ms. Ikhlas- 5th Grade, 5th-6th Grade Science & 6th-9th Grade Islamic Religion

Ms. Raeda- 6th Grade & French

Ms. Abeer- 1st - 3rd Grade English

Ms. Safa'- 4th-6th Grade English

Ms. Huda- 7th-9th Grade English

Ms. Iman- 5th-6th Grade Science & 6th-7th & 9th Grade Math

Ms. Reema- 8th Grade Math & 7th-9th Grade Science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry)

Ms. Rabea' - 7th-9th Grade Arabic

Ms. Maysaa - 5th-9th Grade Social Studies

Ms. Sohad- Christianity Religion 

Ms. Wala'a - Computer

Ms. Lorraine- Visually Impaired Education Specialist and Art

Mr. Mohammad- Music


Ms. Renate- Kindergarten 1 [KG1]

Ms. Khawla- Kindergarten 2 [KG2]

Ms. Hadeel- Kindergarten 2 [KG2]


Ms. Diah- Nursery


Blind Teachers:

Ms. Soa'ad

Ms. Maha

Ms. Fatin

Ms. Wala'a

Mr. Mohammed

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