6th Grade Field Trip to Umm Qais

Um Qais

The warmer weather in Jordan ushers in field trip season here at AES. In the spring, each class has an opportunity to travel togehter on a field trip, either here in Irbid or around northern Jordan. 

This year our 6th grade class traveled to Umm Qais, about fourty-five minutes north near the Syrian boarder. It is an old city, previously named Gadara, where it is believed that Jesus banished the demons into the pigs, causing the pigs to run into the sea [The Gospel of Mark, chapter 5]. 

We spent the morning exploring the ruines and enjoying the beautiful weather. The students brought picnic lunches with them, allowing us to spend some time relaxing in the flowering fields, eating and enjoying each others company outside of the school campus. Later in the day after more exploration of the ruins, they were able to visit the museum, which explores the history the region and city. 

On our way home, we stopped by a playground and enjoyed some ice cream together. It was a wonderful day that all the students enjoyed. It is always fun to go on trips together and learn about the region. 

In early April, our fourth grade class will also visit Umm Qais.