Sports day

Sports day: Students were also able to participate in sports day where they played many games, enjoyed lots of snacks and had their face painted during the first week of school.

teacher's training 2016

Teachers’ training: Like last year, the school participated in a training workshop on thinking, reasoning skills and promotion within the Jordan’s schools. Teachers also discussed ways to improve students’ learning experience through various workshops. Dr.

award night

Student awards night: The student award night this year was held on September 10, 2016. We celebrated students’ achievements. This year, it took place on September 10th. Decorations were put up and music was played! The parents were also invited to take part in this celebration. Students walked onto the stage and gifts and certificates were presented to them. Many photos were taken to remember the event!

clown show

Clowns from Goethe Institute, Amman: Germany’s Goethe Institute in Jordan was invited to our school to perform a clown show in mid October. The students thoroughly enjoyed the performance. It was a nice break from the classroom for everyone!

Gunter's visit

Gunter’s visit: Gunter, who has been a long-time supporter of the AES came to visit our school in November from Germany. He was also able to visit many places in Jordan, such as a farm that belongs to one of our teacher’s father. It was the 14th year anniversary of our school so we had a lot of celebration as well.

Christmas bazaar and celebration

Christmas bazaar and celebration: Preparations for Christmas started early this year. Preparations included making decorations for the school hallway, making crafts to be sold at the Christmas bazaar and baking cookies by the church community. All the proceeds went towards helping the less fortunate. Students also performed Christmas songs.

dead sea

AES sings at the Dead Sea Holiday Inn hotel: Students at the AES were invited to the Holiday Inn hotel to sing for the public. Students practiced very hard prior to this trip and had an amazing time. Thank you for the teachers and volunteers who were involved in helping make this trip successful and worthwhile.

exam period - Bah'ra reading braille

Exam period: Before the exam period, teachers worked very hard to prepare students and prepare the examinations before going on Christmas holiday. Students write exams in every subject and are able to go home early to study for the next day’s exam. Students have finished their exams already and are on break.

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