Teacher Salaries

A consistent need faced here at AES is finding support to pay our teacher's salaries. Because of the integrated nature of our school we have to higher many more teachers than a regular school in order to ensure that our blind and low vision students receive an equal education to their peers. The employment of one teacher takes about $5,000 each year, and these salaries are still much lower than those received in Amman. At the school we believe it is important to train our teachers well. Every year we provide extra conferences, workshops, and trainings to help them with the concepts of integration, working with the blind, and general resources on how to be a better teacher. As such it is very disappointing when our teachers leave due to low salary, and we constantly feel pressure to raise our salaries. Because of this, committing to paying a teacher's salary is a huge help to our students, teachers, and administration.

In the past we have encountered problems when supporters who are providing for a teacher are suddenly no longer able to continue. This leaves us scrambling to find money to pay salaries and gives potential for instability with our staff.  Therefore, we now ask that donor commit to paying a salary for a fix period. This way we have a consistent donor base and a way for donors to reevaluate their commitment and financial situation at fixed moments that will not leave us struggling.