This year is a milestone for AES: the graduating 6th grade is the first class to have moved through each grade as students here. This is exciting, but only causes us to look to the future. Our vision is to be able to educate students up to the 10th grade, the grade required of all students here in Jordan. This desire to continue to grow means we need to expand our space. Over the past few years our board and administrators have explored ideas for expansion, including a possible nursery, a space for testing the hearing and sight of our students, and another resource room for our blind and low- vision students. However, after careful thought and detailed conversations with our board and our teachers, we have decided to expand in a different way. Our school campus has a few vacant rooms that, undergoing major renovations, could be used for a 7th grade classroom, as well as a much needed science lab. The cost of the entire project is estimated to be around 15,000   J.D.  This expansion will enable us to continue educating our students here. Without this option, they either have to enter government schools, where special resources for blind and visually impaired students are limited or they have to travel to schools in Amman.