Graduation Day!

On June 4th the Arab Episcopal School celebrated the biggest celebration of the 
school year: Graduation Day! As always, the graduation was celebrated in honor 
of the Kindergarten 2 children who will attend the first grade after the summer 

Peace March

The whole school along with the Anglican church marched for peace in silence the morning of the 10th February and in support of King Abdullah regarding the death of the pilot Kasasbeh.


Teacher Training

On February 5th was a training day for our teachers by Guenter and Lydia from Germany. This training will help to further improve the education of our visually impaired students. Lydia has specialized in such trainings in Germany.


PET and KET achievments

We want to take a moment to thank everyone that participated in the PET and KET exams. If your name is not on the list below we encourage you to try again next semester. The results are in and are as follows:
تتقدم المدرسة الاسقفية العربية بالتهنئة والتبريك لجميع الطلاب الذين حققوا نتائج رائعة في امتحان ال-(ket,pet ) كل التوفيق والف مبروك ،كما ونقدم الشكر الجزيل للمعلمة الفاضلة مس هدى بشايره على الجهد المبذول .
Sanad pass with distinction 92
Seif 79
Shawqi 74
KET - Council of Europe level A1 

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