On May 22, we celebrated the Jordanian Independence Day at AES. The students rehearsed various Jordanian dances and songs.


Several fieldtrips of the different classes took place in the second semester. For example the third class went to the  Jordan Natural History Museum, where they could discover and learn a lot of new things.

Mother's day

It was Mother's Day in Jordan on March 21. Also, in the AES this day was especially celebrated. In many of the classrooms, songs, dances and other performances were practiced for weeks to celebrate this day together. As every year, the mothers were delighted with the appreciation and performance of their children. 


We had a lovely Easter this year including our traditional coloring of eggs and the amazing Egg hunt for all students. 


After the old school bus was no longer functional, we finally could buy a new bus! Now more students can be picked up again. We all celebrated the new bus together with "Knafeh". Many thanks to all supporters who made this possible!

Santa Claus brought presents for the children.

The students practiced a lot for their singing, dancing and acting performance at the Christmas celebration. Afterwards, they all got presents from Santa Claus.

Singing with the children

The Goethe institute in Amman organized in October in cooperation with the AES a music project for the first and second grade with two musicians from Germany.


circus in Irbid

On the 16th of October the second and third grade went fieldtrip to the circus.

Thanks Giving in the third grade

In the beginning of October every class collected food for the Thanksgiving holiday. The collected food was given to families in need in the local area.

Open day

The yearly Open Day was held on the 16th of September. All the students had a lot of fun with games like a bouncy castle, slides, and a climbing wall.

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