Resources for Visually Impaired Students

Each year, we attempt to expand the resources we have to educate our blind and low-vision students. This year we are seeking funds to buy more camera-magnifiers for our low-vision students. These camera-magnifiers are essential because they allow our students to read what is written in their textbooks and what is on the chalkboard. When we purchased one two years ago,  it allowed Tasneem, one of our students, to understand reading for the first time. Unfortunately, these machines are expensive and until now, we have only been able to afford one. It is our hope, however, that by the end of this year we will be able to purchase four more. There are many students to whom this would make a huge difference so any donations are welcomed.

Grade Five student Tasneem learns English with volunteer Trish Elgersma with the help of our Camera Magnifier

Our school is also equipped with a library which contains books for all levels and abilities. We've taken some of our books, and printed Braille print over the pages, making the book accessible to our blind students. There are special books, usually called "touchy-feely" books, sold by many publishers  that are great tools for our visually impaired students. Donations of these books or any other resources are always welcomed as we're looking to expand our library.