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​​​​The first two months of the new school year have once again brought a number of events with them. If you want to know more about them, take a look at our Autumn Newsletter 2019.


AES had its Christmas party on December 21, 2019. For this, each class level and also the kindergarten group prepared a small program, which mostly consisted of singing and/or dancing.

Not only we were happy about the visit from Germany. Mr. Hertneck's group was also eager to get a closer look at our everyday school life.German visitors

On the 13th of November our school had it´s 17th birthday.School BirthdaySchool BirthdaySchool Birthday

Who is not happy about visitors, especially in old age? With this in mind, some students made their way to Amman to a nursing home to dance with the residents and talk to them.Altenbesuch

As every year, a team of Caritas doctors came to examine all the students free of charge. The teachers were also given the opportunity to do so. But who wants to know how many kilos he has gained...

At the 26th of October, a Saturday, doctors came to our school to report about breast cancer and his facts. These included: Prevention, research, remedies and awareness.

Instead of Helloween we celebrated the so-called Disguise Day.

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